Farmland Ponds: What do you think? 


This survey has been put together by Helen Greaves, a PhD student at University College London as part of the Norfolk Ponds Project. It is an anonymous survey and we expect it to take 5 minutes to complete. The aim is to discover farmers’ and landowners’ opinions of ponds on their land as well as the general public's view of farmland ponds. The results from this survey will be used to tailor some farmland pond workshops towards the end of the year.

Our research group at UCL is studying the role of agricultural ponds in supporting wildlife conservation. In agricultural areas, ponds can provide important habitats for wild animals and plants. However, we do not know what people think about farmland ponds in general. We are also trying to find out the willingness of farmers and land managers to restore overgrown ponds. This will help focus the aims of the Norfolk Ponds Project which was launched in 2014.