HomeTalk evaluation survey - parents


Evaluation of the use of HomeTalk 

A research team based at the UCL Institute of Education are inviting you to take in part in this survey on your use of HomeTalk resources, which are based on Philosophy for Children.

Who is carrying out the research?

The Principal Investigator for this project is Professor Alice Bradbury. The research study has been approved by the UCL Research Ethics Committee. The IOE is a world-leading specialist institute focused on education and social science research. This project is funded by the Monday Charitable Trust who are not connected to the Philosophy for Children network.

Why are we doing this research?

The survey will help us understand how families use these resources, and their views on what impact they have on children’s speaking and listening and critical thinking skills, and their engagement with school.

Why am I being invited to take part?

We want to hear from parents and carers who use the resources or are directed to them from their school, about what they think.

What will happen if I choose to take part?

The survey should take only 5-10 minutes, and is anonymous. At the end, you can leave your email address if you are willing to be contacted about doing a short interview on this topic. If you do an interview we will give you a voucher worth £25 as a thank you for your time. This information will be kept separately from your other responses. If you leave your email, we will also ask you which school your child attends, although you do not have to provide this information. If you do, it will help us to understand what helps parents and teachers in different schools to use these resources. 

What will happen to the results of the research?

The findings will be collated into a report which will be made publicly available but your name and the name of your children’s school will not be mentioned at any point. Following this, the findings may be written up in academic publications. The data collected will be stored on a secure password-protected network, for up to ten years, in line with UCL’s data retention policy. Only the research team will have access to the data.

Data Protection Privacy Notice

The data controller for this project will be University College London (UCL). The UCL Data Protection Office provides oversight of UCL activities involving the processing of personal data, and can be contacted at data-protection@ucl.ac.uk. UCL’s Data Protection Officer can also be contacted at data-protection@ucl.ac.uk. Further information on how UCL uses participant information can be found here: www.ucl.ac.uk/legal-services/privacy/participants-health-and-care-research-privacy-notice

The lawful basis that will be used to process your personal data are: ‘Public task’ for personal data and’ Research purposes’ for special category data.

Your personal data will be processed so long as it is required for the research project. We will anonymise or pseudonymise the personal data you provide, and will endeavour to minimise the processing of personal data wherever possible.

If you are concerned about how your personal data is being processed, or if you would like to contact us about your rights, please contact UCL in the first instance at data-protection@ucl.ac.uk.

If you have any questions please feel free to email Alice Bradbury at a.bradbury@ucl.ac.uk. 

Thank you for your contribution to this research.