Brexit-Opportunities & threats for information/ICT professionals 2021

Background: Brexit will see a significant change for the UK and the EU. January 2021 provides a shift in national relationships that have potentially global ramifications. It presents changes and challenges for professionals who work in the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) sector and/or manage information.

Research purpose: This survey aims to identify information professionals' perspectives on opportunities and threats for information management/ICT in the light of Brexit, in order to inform a better understanding of information management/ICT responses to large scale and complex change. The survey is open to anyone, wherever you are in the world. We hope people will contribute in a constructive manner even when noting concerns.

This 2021 survey follows three earlier surveys. We aim to publish the results of this survey in open access publications.  We may repeat the study to gather further data as the picture evolves.

Survey setup: There are 34 questions (all optional) in four sections - most are quick multiple choice questions. The survey will take c.10 minutes to complete depending on how much you wish to write. We realise that you are busy and appreciate your time. You can exit the survey and your previous comments will be saved so that you can go back and complete it when you have time. We hope you will get to the end.

Data collection: Every effort will be made to anonymise contributions. We are not collecting IP addresses. The information you provide will be retained securely and anonymously and will be kept in line with UCL research data management and retention policies. The findings will be written up in the form of an article, including anonymised sample quotes. The full data set will not be made available in order to enable free and frank comments to be provided. 

Delivery: The research is a partnership between the iSchools at UCL (Dr Elizabeth Lomas) and Northumbria University (Professor Julie McLeod).

The survey is being facilitated by Dr Elizabeth Lomas

Thank you for your help.