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Projects are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please note that the application process and review can take up to several weeks to be completed.

Please read the Student Application Guidance sheet before submitting an application.

You are able to apply for a maximum of three projects, using one student application form per project. In your application you will be asked to select the relevant order of preference.

Before submiting your application please send your CV by email to


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Please use the space below to demonstrate (with examples where/if applicable) how you fulfil the essential and desired skills required for the specific Industry project you have selected. Your cover letter should: 1) Highlight your relevant skills and experience, and summarise any other relevant strengths you might have. 2) It should consider why you have interests in the research area and how it may be relevant to your future career or research. 3) Consider how you might approach the project. Please note that only students with cover letters focusing on specific projects will be considered.

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Before submiting your application please send your CV by email to Please note that you can save your application and come back at any time and submit it. You need to do this once (in case you apply for two or three projects)

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Please state any absolute deadline (DD/MM/YYYY), by which you need to have submitted your project dissertation proposal (e.g. usually around late February). This information would be taken into consideration, as much as possible, by the businesses during the student selection process