Adolescent Identities

About the project:
We’re working on a project looking at how YA serves the very different identities of young people in the UK. We think YA is vital in helping us understand about ourselves and others, but popular, especially bestselling, YA doesn’t always reflect the world we live in. We want to find out what impact this has on adolescents today.

For this project, we are looking at the UK (so some questions are UK specific); however, we are super interested in what other nationalities think and hope to expand this project soon! We'd still love to hear your YA thoughts, even if you're not in the UK!

About the researchers:
We are two YA fans and scholars of YA (publishing history/literature). Melanie Ramdarshan Bold (@ILoveCopyright) is a Senior Lecturer at UCL and Leah Phillips (@Le_Phill) is a Research Associate at the University of Warwick.

About the survey:
This survey is anonymous – we will not ask you for, and please don’t provide, personal contact details - so the results will be presented in aggregated form. We will be sharing some of the results on Twitter so please do follow us @YAIdentities and the hashtag #YAidentities

The survey should take 10-15 minutes to fill in.