Everyday Reading: RABiT 2017


This survey is part of the RABiT research project, led by Sam Duncan at the UCL Institute of Education and funded by the Arts and Humanties Research Council. Our aim is to understand more about the kinds of reading adults do every day.

By filling in this survey, you are giving us permission to collect your responses for use in the RABiT research project, presentations and publications. Your responses will be anonymous. We will not ask for your name.

What do we want to know?

We are hoping to discover more about what adults read in our everyday lives, how and why. We would like you to think about reading as broadly as possible. For example, reading can mean reading road signs or food boxes, not just books or newspapers.

We are interested in bits of reading that are quick, as well as reading that takes longer, in reading that is done alone and reading shared with others. This includes reading for family, fun, work, study, faith or for any reason at all.

We are interested in everything and anything you read, at any time and in any language.