Law technology innovation access to justice

This is a short attempt to collect some basic information on the extent of teaching technology and legal services innovation in law schools (through courses or extracurricular activity).

If you teach such courses or oversee such activity, I would be grateful for a few minutes of your time to fill in the information below. I may produce a brief summary of the information, but you can opt out of being included in that! My main aim is to get a better sense of what is going on and see if people are interested in getting together and discussing progress and problems in the field. If there is sufficient interest, I will try and organise something.

If you are interested but currently do not oversee or teach in this area, please fill in your details but just leave q 5 blank.

If you know someone else who may be interested in the survey please forward it onto them (

Many thanks for your time.

All the best

1. What is your name
2. Job title
3. Institution
4. Email
5. Please describe ways in which innovation and/or technology are built into your curricular or extra-curricular activities for students.

An overview of course, class or program titles, some sense of what you do, and perhaps some basic information like contact hours (where appropriate) would be great.

An understanding of ways in which it emphasises access to justice would also be useful. If you would prefer to email me this information, please do:
6. Are you happy for a summary of this information to be published? (If you are not happy, your information will not be published)
7. Would you be interested in getting together to discuss progress and problems in developing technology and innovation dimensions to legal education?
Very muchProbablyPossiblyProbably notNo thanks
8. If you have any other comments please leave them here or email me at
Many thanks, and enjoy your summer! I will be in touch.