UCL Arena One Gateway Registration

Attendance at this session is required for all Postgraduate students with responsibility for any teaching and/or assessment at UCL. You should attend if you are new to teaching or if you have teaching experience but have not attended any prior training or development sessions.

Registration for particular sessions will be first come, first served. Please indicate your preferred Gateway date. Depending on demand, it may not be possible for every applicant to attend on their preferred date. We will e-mail you once your place on a particular Gateway session is confirmed.

1. Please enter your UCL UPI
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Life Sciences  
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Bartlett (Built Environment)  
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Please select your School:

BEAMS (Built Environment, Engineering Sciences, Mathematical & Physical Sciences)  
SLMS (Brain Sciences, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, Population Health Sciences)  
SLASH (Laws,Arts & Humanities, Social & Historical Sciences, School of Slavonic & East European Studies))  
IOE (Institute Of Education)  
8. Please select a preference (unless only an option is available) from the following dates to attend a UCL Arena One Gateway session. Confirmed dates and venue information will be emailed to attendees shortly. 

Please note that, until further notice, sessions will be taught online using Blackboard Collaborate, instruction on how to join will be sent once you have registered.
Tuesday 15-Sep 14-17  
Wednesday 16-Sep 10:13:00   
Tuesday 22-Sep 14-17  
Thursday 24-Sep 10-13:00  
Tuesday 29-Sep 14-17  
Tuesday 8 September 10-1  

Please confirm you are a current UCL Postgraduate student (or will be in 2019/20) by ticking the box. (If you are not a UCL Postgraduate student, please contact arena.one@ucl.ac.uk about other opportunities available to you).

Yes, I am or will be a UCL Postgraduate student in 2019/20  
10. Is there anything we can do to assist you (relating e.g. to room layout, wheelchair access, format of slides and handouts or seating arrangements)?