Shipping Gallery scan - what did you think?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. None of the questions are compulsory (though we'd like you to answer as many as possible!), and there is space a the end to add any comments or clarifications. All responses will be completely anonymous.

Why are we doing this? We're investigating the success of the scan of the shipping gallery (which you can view here), and would love to hear your thoughts, which will both influence Science Museum policy, and be used for academic research at UCL. If you have any questions about this, contact

Thanks again!
1. How did you originally find this video?
I was browsing the Science Museum website  
I followed a link from another website  
A friend recommended it to me   
Via a search engine  
2. How familiar are you with the Science Museum?
I am a regular visitorI have visited within the past two yearsI have been beforeI've never visited the museumI had never heard of the Science Museum before
3. How familiar are/were you with the Shipping Gallery
I loved the gallery and have visited oftenI have visited within the last three yearsI have visited the gallery beforeI have never visited the gallery
4. Did you enjoy the video?
Yes! I thought it was excellentYes, I enjoyed watching itIt was okNot reallyNo, I disliked the video
5. Do you think this is a good way of preserving old exhibitions?
Yes, definitelyYes, it's okI don't knowNot reallyNo!
6. Would you like to see this sort of thing done for existing exhibitions? For example to help plan a visit to the museum?
Yes, I'd like to see the whole Museum online Yes, it might be helpfulI'm not sureNot reallyNo, there are better ways of showing galleries
7. Imagining for a moment that Shipping Gallery exhibition still existed, would this video have made you more or less likely to visit the gallery?
I would definitely have visited after watchingI would be more likely to visit I'm not sureNo, this video would probably have put me offNo, I definitely wouldn't visit this gallery
8. Would you like to have been told more about the technology used to create the video?
Yes, it looks fascinatingI would like to know a little moreI'm not really bothered either wayNo, I have absolutely no interest No, I'm not particularly interested
9. Would you like to be able to explore the model yourself (ie, 'walk around' the gallery) rather than follow a video)?
Yes, that would be amazing!It would have been nice to have some controlNot bothered either wayNo, not reallyAbsolutely not!
10. This video showcases a very distinctive style, with the objects in the gallery appearing translucent and almost 'ghostly'. Did you like this style of presentation, or would you have preferred to see something more solid?
I loved the style, it made the videoI liked the styleNot bothered either wayNo, I found the style confusing and unappealingIt looked awful
11. Do you have much experience with virtual worlds and environments on computers? Ie, perhaps through playing games?
Yes, I'm very experienced with virtual worldsI have had a fair amount of experienceSome, but not a lot of experienceVery littleI have no experience with virtual worlds
12. Please tell us how old you are...
15 or under  
16 - 24  
25 - 34  
35 - 50  
51 +  
13. Do you have any other comments? Please feel free to expand on your previous answers, tell us what you think about the video, the technology behind it or, well, anything!